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  • 08-21
    What are the common paper products testing instruments?

    Paper products generally need to do some quality testing, at this time need to use some testing instruments.What are the commonly used paper inspection instruments included, bursting strength tester,ring crush tester,compression testing machine, drop tester,temperature humidity chambers. Read More »

  • 07-14
    What Is The Drop Tester

    Drop tests are typically used to simulate the free fall of unpackaged/packaged products during transport and to investigate the ability of products to resist accidental shocks. Generally, the drop height is based on the weight of the product and the probability of falling, the surface should be a sm Read More »

  • 06-21
    Differences between single and double-wing drop tester

    Three major differences between single and double-wing fall machinesThe load-bearing capacity of a single-arm falling object does not have the height of the door-type arms, the same weight a point support and two point support the degree of force is not the same, as well as the requirements of space Read More »

  • 04-20
    2017 IF Design Award in Germany released

    2017 IF Design Award in Germany released In 1953 by the German Hanover Industrial Design Forum set up, the annual IF Design Award is the world's industrial design and product design authority class awards. On the evening of March 10, the annual IF Design Award, which was known as the Oscar for Desi Read More »

  • 01-13
    Analysis of Classification and Characteristics of Drop Testing Machine

    Analysis of Classification and Characteristics of Drop Testing Machine Analysis of Classification and Characteristics of Drop Testing MachineDroping test machine has three categories, namely, zero drop test machine, single-wing drop test machine, double-wing drop test machine, the following we will Read More »

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