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Paperboard Crush Test Machine

Edge Crush And Ring Crush Test Machine is used to do the Ring Crush test (RCT), Edge Crush Test (ECT), Flat Crush Test (FCT), Pin Adhesive Strength Test (PAT), and Paper Tube Compress Test.
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Paperboard Crush Test Machine

Producr Description

Ring and Edge Crush Test Machine is used to do the Ring Crush test (RCT), Edge Crush Test (ECT), Flat Crush Test (FCT), Pin Adhesive Strength Test (PAT), and Paper Tube Compress Test.This series can be used with a variety of materials testing machines to do all the tests in the paper packaging material, for a variety of paper quality testing

Ring And Edge Crush Tester for Packaging Material is used to test the compression strength of corrugated paper and kraft paper sample in vertical direction, cooperate with various accessories, And to test the vertical compressive strength of test board, bonding strength and flat compression strength.

Applicable industry:

Ring And Edge Crush Test Equipment applied to test the anti-breaking strength of boxes for packaging, which of electronics, electrical appliances, wires, hardware, bicycles, handbags, food, footwear, clothing, furniture.etc.

General Specifications

Packaging Dimensions (WxDxH) 480*460*550mm

Power supply source: single-phase, 220V±10%, 50/60Hz

Gross Weight:130kg

Design Standards
TAPPI-T472, TAPPI-T808, TAPPI-T810, TAPPI-T811, TAPPI-T818, JIS-P8126, GB / T 2679.6, GB / T 6548, GB / T 2679.17.

Edge crush tester image

edge crush tester

Max. Capacity 


Control mode

LCD display, touch screen  

Load Resolution 



Kgf, Ibf, N

Load accuracy 

Within 0.2%

Result Output

Mini-printer (thermal printer) 

Test speed



                  Mean value, max. & min values of the series


1PH, 220V, 60HZ, 2A

Dimension of machine


The table parameters is for the company Standard Model parameters, we support customer customization parameters

Ring Compression and Edge Crush Tester Video

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