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Learning in the Paper Box

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Learning in the Paper Box

In the daily life, paper box is the important tool that we cannot do without. From packaging boxes for take-out food to packaging of various clothes and footwear, paper boxes are needed. How to check the quality of the carton? This requires the use of the instrument introduced today -- the MIT Folding Endurance Tester.



HD-A519 MIT Folding Endurance Tester is suitable for the folding endurance testing for paper, metal foil. Suitable for the industrial usage about paper making, package material and metal board and etc. Fix both ends of the test piece to the upper and lower clamps of the machine. The upper clamp is applied to the required load to make the test piece bear a certain tension. When the test piece is vertical, the lower clamp is bent back and forth to the left and right sides until the test piece is broken, and the number of bending times is recorded.

After months of improvement and debugging, the new MIT flexural tester was successfully launched. Compared with the old model, the new tester has more accurate force value, more convenient and user-friendly operation, and is your best choice for paper folding test.


Improved force accuracy;

New printer function;

Touch screen operation instead of the button control operation;

Upgraded appearance.

Our company has been on the road of independent research and development and technological innovation, providing customers with the most advanced and high-quality precision instruments. Testing makes quality.


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