Get ready for 618-Haida is in action

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Prepare for 618, Haida is in action

The Favorable choice-------Computer servo control Box Compressive Tester

618 preferential activities is coming. Are you excited? And do you have a lot of concerns about your pacakages? Like this:

 Therefore, in view of this situation, how to effectively protect the customer's goods for merchants? At this time, the carton compression test machine is the favorable choice for them.It has two functions as follows:


1. Testing the Compression Strength of Cartons

2. Stacking Test 


And our company offers two series of compression machines, one is computer controlled and the other is controlled by touch screen.

One :Controlled by computer    

                                                  HD-A505S series                                    HD-A502S series

                                              图片4                图片5            

                                                    Four high precise sensors                              One high precise sensor

The other :HD-A501 series---Controlled by touch screen

                                                    图片6                          图片7

                                                   图片8                               图片9



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