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Electrical Package Simulation Vibration Test Machine

The simulation vibration testers are manufactured, assembled and transported and used. The various vibration environments suffered during the stage are used to identify whether the product can withstand environmental vibration. It is suitable for research, development and products of various industries such as electronics, electromechanical, optoelectronics, steam locomotives, toys, packaging, etc. Tube, manufacturing, etc.
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electrical package simulation vibration test machine


Package simulation vibration tester is designed for determining the vibration strength of wide ranges products to vibration during transporting, as well as simulation vibration the damage to the packed products during vibrating. vibration testing machine tally with EN、ANSI、UL、ASTM、ISTA International transportation standard

Package vibration test machine be equipped with electrical automatic system,do the vibrating test as procedure autolly.

Box Vibration Control System:

1. DC motor speed, smooth operation, strong load capacity

2. Rotary vibration, in line with European transport standards


1. Low price, which is only 10% of the same products in the USA.

2. The digital screen dispaly the vibration frenquency

3. Use rail track for the installation of the test sample, oprate easily and safely

4. The pedestal of the machine applies heavy style channel with vibration attenuation pad, convenient, stable,no need to

    install the land-end screw.

5. Digital instrument display vibration frequency; synchronous belt transmission mute, very low noise

6.test items using clamping rail type, easy to operate, safe

7.machine using heavy-duty channel steel base with anti-vibration pad, easy installation, smooth operation

8.DC motor speed control, running smoothly, load capability; rotary vibration (commonly known as Valley-type)


Control System:

1. Display Taiwan high-precision digital meters

2. Precision frequency can be displayed to 0.01Hz 0.1Hz precision time:. 0.1min3 group program capacity of 120 programs, 99 segments each, can be recycled 999 capacity each step, each time setting a maximum of 99 hours 59 points

3 .. other display amplitude acceleration (optional): To see the amplitude, acceleration, maximum acceleration, the exact number sold separately meter LD-P1: 0-20mm

1g = 9.8m / s2 acceleration = 0.002 × f2 × D (unit g) f = frequency (HZ) D amplitude (p-p)

Vibration function:

1. Frequency Modulation: any frequency within the frequency range of the (maximum acceleration<20g maximum amplitude <5mm)

2. Programmable functions: 15 each segment can be set (frequency / time) can be recycled

3. logarithmic functions:        ① down to the frequency

                                              ②. On to the next frequency 3 modes of D / recyclable

electrical package simulation vibration test machine

Max. test load 800 Kg(can be customed)
Frequency range 60-300 rpm(adjustable)
Amplitude range 25.4 mm (1 inch)
Vibration mode Rotary motion
Controller Button control
Woke table size 2200X1200mm(can be customed)
Machine dimension (L×W×H) 2250×1200×800mm including control box (estimated)
Package Strong wooden case
Package weight 600 Kg (estimated)
Power 3PH, 220V, 60Hz.
Accessories One set of control box, one set of transformer

The table parameters is for the company Standard Model parameters, we support customer customization parameters

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