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Digital Portable Paint Fixed Angle Gloss Meter

Digital portable paint fixed angle gloss meter is a portable fixed angle gloss meter, a meter, to test the gloss-ness of the paint, plastic, paper, ceramic, stone, wood, aluminum and alloy.
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Digital Portable Paint Fixed Angle Gloss Meter - Glossmeter
Digital gloss meter is used to test gloss of paper and cardboard at 20°, 60° or 75° angle.
Digital gloss meter provides precise measurement of gloss according to ISO standards with full statistical display. Models are available in single, dual and triple angle models. Up to 999 readings can be stored in each angle can be stored in memory. 

1). There is a handle positioned by the spring at the left-hand side on the front of the machine .
2)  The handle can be pushed in, pulled out or stay in between to measure 75 °angle, 20 ° angle, or 60° angle glossiness respectively, and the indicating lamp on the panel will light correspondingly.
3) The sample holder uses to support on both sides the test specimen (or standard board, black body), rotate the handle

Ceramics (tile and porcelain), Industrial Products, Packaging, Paint and Varnish, Paper
ISO2813 GB8941.3-88 GB8941.1-88

Digital portable paint fixed angle gloss meter

75 ° angle gloss:  1 ~ 384 (gloss units)
Gloss 45 ° angle:  1 ~ 1674 (gloss units)
Gloss (20 °):  1 ~ 2037 (gloss units)
Accuracy:  1 gloss units
Repeatability:  0.5 gloss units
Sample size:  50 mm (length) × 50 mm (width)
Power supply:  AC220V ± 10% 50Hz
Working environment:  temperature 5 ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity less than 85%
Dimensions:   300 mm (length) × 380 mm (width) × 260 mm (height)
Instrument Weight:  ≤ 8.5kg
Instrument Weight:   ≤ 14.5kg

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