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Computer Servo carton ring crush and edge compression tester supplier

Ring Crush tester and Edge Compressive Tester can do a full range of testing, which includes Ring Crush Testing, Flat Crush testing, Edge Compressive Testing, Adhensive Strength Testing and other general compression tests, to a variety of materials like paper, packaging materials, etc. It is a multi-functional testing equipment.
  • HD-A513-C
  • Haida
LCD cardboard ring crush strength testing enquipment 
Multi-function Crush Tester can do a full range of tests, which includes RCT/FCT/ECT/PAT/CCT/CMT, Tensile tester, Paper tube compressing, small carton compressing, other general compression tests. However, it can test two peak value for IKEA requirements.
It applies to a variety of materials like paper, corrugated cardboard, papertube, small carton and other packaging materials. It is a multi-functional testing equipment.

1. Can test Two peak value for IKEA requirements
2. Display: 
1) LED screen display 
2) PC control, adopt TM2101 system software, Windows mode operation + can display a variety of test curve;
3. Display Laugague: All English
4. Can print test result by micro printer

Capacity  (Optional) 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 kg
Resolution 1/250,000
Precision < 0.25%
Operation Mode Computer
Display Mode LCD
Platen 100×100 mm or depending on the diameter of the flat crush sample
Compressed Space 500 mm
Platen Parallelism ± 0.05 mm
Ring Crush Sample 152×12.7 mm
Edge Crush Sample 25×100 mm
Test Speed 12.7 mm/min
Dimension (L×W×H) 790×510×1060 mm
Weight  Approx. 51 kg
Power  AC220V, 1.5A

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