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Cobb Sampler For Paper Test

Cobb sampler is the dedicated sampling equipment for paper ,cardboard ,determination of water absorption and permeability oil-degree standard samples .
  • HD-A518-1
  • Haida
Cobb Sampler For Paper Test
Cobb sample cutter is paper, paperboard quantitative determination of the standard sample-specific sampling equipment can be quickly and accurately cut the standard size round specimens. The paper, packaging and quality supervision, inspection and other industries and sectors ideal auxiliary test equipment.

1. Simple structure, easy operation.
2. Sharp blade, placed in the sample, light press the operating handle, then peel off.
ISO 535 Determination of absorbent paper and cardboard - can be Bo (Cobb) Act)

Cobb Sampler For Paper Test

Environmental conditions: temperature 20~40o
Outside dimension(L×W×H): 480×380×430mm
Weight: 25kg
Sampling area 100cm2
Sampling Error ± 0.35 mm
Sample thickness 0.1~1.5 mm
Machine size 480×380×430 mm

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