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Analysis of Classification and Characteristics of Drop Testing Machine

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Analysis of Classification and Characteristics of Drop Testing Machine

Analysis of Classification and Characteristics of Drop Testing Machine


Analysis of Classification and Characteristics of Drop Testing Machine

Droping test machine has three categories, namely, zero drop test machine, single-wing drop test machine, double-wing drop test machine, the following we will briefly explain the characteristics of each test machine.


1, zero drop testing machine


Zero drop test machine has a specimen holder, in the test, the pallet high-speed downward movement, from the specimen, the bracket in the test package before the goods fall to the floor, has been under the effect of high shock absorber, Embedded in the floor. In theory, the zero drop test machine from zero height to the maximum drop height range for drop test. The drop height is set numerically by the test requirements and the drop test is automatically performed at the set height.


Drop test machines have different and same characteristics, so when selecting a drop tester, it is important to know which type of drop tester your product is suitable for.


2, single-wing drop testing machine


Single-wing drop test machine will be the product to be placed in the test selected a good way to place: face, edge, angle way to make it a fixed number of significant height, the user can request arbitrary installation equipment within the test range of any height , To determine a good height, the release of the solenoid valve, the sample products in the moment to leave the wing free fall. Press the "stop button" drop board with automatic reset function



3, double-wings drop test machine

Features: Drop test machine can be on the package surface, angle, edge for free drop test, with a high degree of digital display device and the use of high-level decoder tracking, which can accurately give the product drop height. Double-arm drop test machine with single-arm double-column structure, with electric reset, electronic control drop and electric lift device, easy to use. Single-arm set, can easily place the product, the impact angle of the impact angle with the floor plane angle error is less than or equal to 5 degrees.

All the drop testing machine in line with international common standards ISTA test series.

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